Enhance Your Ambiance.

International Performing Harpist, Crystal Sawyer will enchant your guests with her nostalgic melodies of wonder, upliftment and triumph.

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Lady of Harp

"Music calls to the spirit of people. It engages them. ...takes hold of their emotions, and uplifts their hearts. I enjoy creating musical memories."

Welcome to the wondrous world of the Lady of Harp. You are invited to take a look into the repertoire that inspires special moments. Enjoy the snapshots of the elegant instrument that interprets the soundtrack for special events. Learn more about the Lady herself and how she combines her years of experience with a vast repertoire to bring a customized musical perspective to you.

Lasting love through sonic bliss.


Your family and friends arrive for the blessed union and are engaged by the magical music while you prepare. As you walk down the aisle, the gorgeous sweeping of the strings ushers you into the embrace of the one you love.

Festive. Celebratory. Joyous. Light.

Holiday Affairs

The holidays are a time to come together and rejoice. The light timbre of the harp speaks to such happiness and compliments the merriment of your gathering.

A Special Touch.

Corporate Events

The elegance of the harp adds a special touch to your event and helps to set the stage for upcoming activities. As your guests mingle and enjoy a cocktail, entertain them with the lighthearted warmth of beautiful celestial music.


Your Wedding Day

As you gaze into the eyes of your soul mate, a swelling feeling of love engulfs your heart. The day that the two of you join as one culminates a lifetime of hopes and dreams. Music weaves such intricate delicacies like a tapestry that can forever stand the test of time.

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Ms. Sawyer, During my trip to Charleston, I saw this harp ornament and it reminded me of you. Thank you for continuing to support and inspire me with my music. Without your support, I wouldn't be where I am now. Thank you so much for inspiring me to become a musician

Former Student of Lady Miami, FL

Thank you so much! You and your ladies (Cellist and Flautist) were terrific. I appreciated it so much.

Rosana S. Miami, FL

Words cannot express how happy and satisfied we were for your fine work at the wedding. Thank you for playing your beautiful music, for being professional and punctual. Everyone keeps talking about your work 'til this day. Thank you very much.

Magdala S. Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was very pleased with your performance!

Michael F. Miami, FL

Where is Lady Today?

Lady of Harp will be hosting a private event in Boca Raton at 3:00pm