One of life's beautiful milestones.

As you plan this ultimate event, music will play a significant role in setting the atmosphere for you and your guests to make memories that will last a lifetime.
Wedding Concepts
  1. The Concert
    If you want music for 45-1hr before your actual ceremony begins, this is the show for you. The Lady will create a medley and musical magic for the sheer delight of your guests.

  2. The Ensemble
    If you want to add another instrument with the harp: flute/violin/cello. Duos, trios, and quartets are available with this option.

  3. The Medley
    The performance is approximately five minutes in length and designed for Church programs and small family gatherings that want a brief harp encounter.

  4. The Standard
    This is the typical performance that is requested; light ceremony music. It includes: prelude, bridal party, bride, interlude, recessional, and postlude.
Wedding Ceremony Program
  • Prelude: Guests are arriving while bridal party is getting ready.
  • Bridal Party Entrance: The bridal court precedes the bride.
  • Bridal Entrance: The star
  • Interlude: During the ceremony, there may be a unity candle/exchange of roses etc.
    A musical selection such as a romantic love song is suggested.
  • Recessional: The wedded couple and party exit.
  • Postlude: After the party exits, the guests may need an extra minute or so to leave for the cocktail hour.